Before we start doing, we know everything about Money Heist well we did comprehensive research for Money Heist Lovers and came up with 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Money Heist well let’s begin.

So you’ve just binge-watched season 4 of Money Heist, and are probably yearning for season 5. Well, it’s not odd to be addicted to a show like Money Heist. It has been critically acclaimed since the first season. As per the University Observer, one episode cannot sustain you, you will develop a craving for more at the end of each chapter.

If you’ve been following The Professor and his team since season one, chances are you’re committed and probably know more about the show than anyone around you. But, there are certain things that even you didn’t know about the now-iconic show, and we might be able to help you with that.

Here are 10 things that you didn’t know about Money Heist,

1- The show’s name

Globally, the show is known as “Money Heist” in English or “La Casa de Papel” in Spanish. But originally the show’s title was “Los Desachuciados” which if translated into English means “The Hopeless”.

Los Desachuciados was later changed to “La Casa de Papel” which in English means “The Paper House”.

2- The Team Members names

Apart from The Professor, every main character in Money Heist has been given code names representing a famous city like Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow etc.

However, initially, the cast members were assigned different names,

  • Moscow was originally Chernobyl.
  • Nairobi was originally Cameroon.
  • Oslo was originally Valencia

3- Other Narrators

As per the writers of Money Heist, The Professor was initially the narrator of the show, however, through numerous brain-storming exercises they later found out that his narration of the story-line would be perceived by audiences as a bit narcissistic.

As a result, they assigned the narration to Moscow, to make it more light-hearted and down-to-earth, however, ultimately they settled for Tokyo, as her feminine perspective was perfect for a show which was both cold and masculine.

4- An International Hit

The show has become an international sensation and has reached multiple milestones, including

  • Over 34 million viewers
  • A third most popular show on IMBD
  • Most popular Spanish language series on IMDB

5- Real-Life Locations

Even though season 1 & 2 of Money Heist were set in The Royal Mint of Spain, production used another shooting location. The show’s producers opted for the “Spanish National Research Council” building as an alternative for the Royal Mint of Spain.

The two locations are only 35 minutes away from each other in Madrid. Parts 3 & 4 were also filmed at the Spanish National Research Council, and a government complex by the name of “New Ministries” was used to represent the “Bank of Spain”.

6- Printing Money

To give a sense of reality, the printing press of the newspaper “ABC”‘ was utilized for printing money. As a result, all banknotes that appear on the show are printed on paper, and the show was able to print up to 2600 individual notes.

7- Crew Cameos

  • Alejandro Bazzano – Director of Money Heist

Appears as a doctor with The Professor

  • Daniel Higueras – First Assistant Director

Appears as a storekeeper with Raquel

8- Recycled Sets

The set used to portray the Royal Mint’s interior was also used for the Spanish show “Vis A Vis”, a series set in a Spanish women’s prison. Both shows were created by Alex Pina. Both shows also share some of the actresses, such as Alba Flores (Nairobi) and Najwa Nimri (Alicia Sierra).

9- Cinematic Inspirations

In an interview, the show’s creator Alex Pina admitted that he was hugely inspired by modern cinema for some of the show’s details. The idea of using codenames based on famous cities around the world was inspired by the colour codenames used in the 1992 classic “Reservoir Dogs”. Tokyo’s look was inspired by Natalie Portman’s character Mathilda in the 1995’s “Leon”.

10- Different Masks

As per the show’s runner Javier Gomez Santander, the Dali masks weren’t the only choice they had. They were seriously considering using the image of Don Quijote, riffing off of the themes of madness, genius, and romanticism. They settled on Dali because it was more striking in comparative terms.

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