Affect of sex on your body

The most trending topic what is the affect of sex on your body, in adult circle and least talked about topic in social circle. Before we get into Sex education I have recently written a post about overweight problems effecting your health. Now Let’s talk about Affect of sex on your body.

So first, let’s understand, what is sex? Differentiate between male and female biological genders,
but it also describes any sexual that you have with yourself or with other people. You know the feeling
when your special someone looks at you with intent and desire, your instincts start to kick in, and all you
can think about is to get under the sheets so bad that even the neighbors want to light a cigarette.

There are four phases to the sexual response cycle namely,

  • Excitement
  • Plateau
  • Orgasm
  • Resolution


To understand the Real Affect of sex on your body we have to understand these sexual response cycle.

1- Excitement

The initial stage of arousal serotonin is released. It’s a neurotransmitter; it is thought to cause you to feel happy. When you get excited or sexually aroused, your pupils dilate, a sign that your autonomic nervous system is working at increasing levels, adrenaline is released, the heart rate starts accelerating, blood rushes towards the genitals. A woman’s clitoris and labia minora swell, and a man’s penis becomes erect. Men experience a tightening of the scrotum(pouch of skin containing the testicles), swelling of the testicles, and the discharge of liquid pre-cum to lubricate, women also begin lubrication. Dopamine is released, which increases your sexual desire.

2- Plateau

The phase during sexual intercourse where everything you feel intensifies, this is the point where you have reached Plateau. Continuing from the initial excitement, your heart rate, breathing, muscle tension, and blood pressure increase. Norepinephrine is released during stimulation, making your particular areas more sensitive. Muscles in the feet, face, and hand may begin to spasm.

3- Orgasm

The pelvic muscles begin to contract. A woman’s uterus and the base of a man’s penis experience rhythmic contractions. The substantial amount of nerve and muscle tension built up over the first two phases, releases everything involuntarily at once, in the form of intensely pleasurable ways. Males ejaculate their semen; females can experience ejaculation as well. Oxytocin levels or the love hormone peaks at orgasm. It’s something that scientists believe builds trust and closeness between partners.

4- Resolution

During this phase, sexual arousal decreases, the contractions and swellings subside. Some women may be able to return to the orgasm phase, but men go into the refractory period, a time where they cannot reach the orgasm phase yet. So they have to wait it out.

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