You have to give credit to Netflix for churning out addictive seasons every now and then. Money Heist, a season about a group of highly incompatible people with varied talents, who are all brought together by an intellectual genius by the name of “The Professor” for one common goal… to commit the biggest heist in Spanish history.

Bella Ciao | The Interesting History behind Money Heist Anthem

But wait! The crux of this epic drama series is more interesting, as elements of 21st-century feminism and anarchy are etched within the storyline. And talking about the anarchy and feminism brings us to the anthem of Money Heist which goes by the name “Bella Ciao”.

Everyone who has watched Money Heist knows that it is a Spanish drama series, but very few people actually know that the song that Berlin and the Professor are seen singing isn’t Spanish. Yup! You heard that, right! Bella Ciao is not Spanish!

A Spanish Song Made In Italy:

Bella Ciao is an Italian folk song, which means “Goodbye Beautiful”. Originally sung as a protest song against the hardships that Mondina women working in the paddy fields(rice fields) had to endure in 19th century Italy.

In order to carry out the tiresome task of monda, women had to work all day bent on their backs, with bare feet, in knee-deep water, and all that for a very low wage. All of this led to dissatisfaction amongst the worker class(mostly women) leading to rebellions and riots in the earlier part of the 20th century.

An Anti-Fascist Anthem:

Most of the ideas that Hitler had regarding a superior race were refined versions of Benito Mussolini’s ideology, who was the Prime Minister of Italy from 1922 to 1943(technically speaking, he dropped the title of Prime Minister and established himself as a dictator in 1925).

Benito Mussolini was the leader of the National Fascist Party(yes sir, apparently back in those days it was considered cool to call yourself a fascist) and soon after he was sacked from office in 1943, the anti-fascist resistance of Italian partisans adopted and modified the original “Bella Ciao” as their anthem. The song would be sung throughout the Italian peninsula until the conclusion of World War II, which was in 1945.

The anti-fascist resistance movement fought tooth and nail with the Nazi invaders and Fascist dictators during World War II, and they were fundamental to the creation of the Italian republic in 1946, which implies that “Bella Ciao” is nothing short of a revolutionary song.

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