Bernie Sanders Red Army

The 2020 U.S Presidential election is on the horizon, and political activism on both the left and the right is,
at an all times high. Such is the intensity that it feels less like an election and more like a football game,
with ardent supporters whose loyalties cannot question. They seem less like political supporters and
more like Hooligans. And if we were to rank which U.S Presidential candidate on the left has the worst
Hooligan army, Bernie Sanders would top the list.

The reputation earned, it’s not a made-up claim. The Bernie Bros have made it with their blind fanaticism,
and nope this not something the Republican Party or someone on the right is calling them. The labels hurled
from the left. Here are a few examples,

1- The treasurer for Pennsylvania Young DemocratsLindy Li,
has said that due to the “
online bullying” by Bernie Brosshe is resigning from the post.
2- The social media feed of Elizabeth Warren has been carpet-bombed
snake emojis and Gifs by the Sanders supporters.
3- An Instagram post wishing Kamala Harris‘s backer “Brain Cancer”
was attributed to a
Bernie Bro.
4- Former Vice President Joe Biden, told NBC’s “Meet The Press” he’d “disown”
anyone who behaved like Bernie Sander’s supporters.
5- During the Nevada debate, Pete Buttigieg called out Bernie Sanders for the
nasty behavior of his supporters towards
Nevada’s Culinary Union officials.
On twitter, Union officials were called “
bitches“, “whores“, “F—ers” and
threatened that it was “
time for people… to go after you.”

Such is the reputation of his supporters that there is a dedicated Wikipedia page for Bernie Bros. 

Robinson Meyer, a writer for The Atlantic, coined the term “Bernie bros” in an October 17, 2015 article,
to describe a phenomenon
in which young, whiteprogressive men accused of “hectoring their friends”
on Facebook to support Sanders. In liberal circles it is “cool” to be “white” and “male”. Two terms that if
ascribed to someone on the right would be synonymous with “
Nazism“, “fascism” or “Toxic masculinity“. 

Cornered by critics and political foes, Bernie Sanders had this to say about Bernie Bros

“If there are a few people who make ugly remarks… I disown those people, and they are not part of our movement”
– Bernie Sanders at the Nevada debate.  

The term “Bernie Bros” coined in 2015, it took Bernie Sanders five years to publicly condemn his supporters.
Was it regret that made him do it? Or was it a classic political statement from
a career politician

We all remember how in 2016 the left labelled Donald J. Trump a racist, not because of something he said on live television
or on twitter but because of what a fringe minority of his political base said or did. So the big question is, should the people
who ideologically lean Right or Republican, start labelling Bernie Sanders as
a racista sexista homophobic,
trans-phobic, or a xenophobic?

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