It depends on a film of a similar name, yet Dear White People is a Netflix-unique American satire that merits your time. The arrangement follows a gathering of understudies of shading who go to a white Ivy League school for the most part. It shows their battles against bigotry and separation and spreads a similar ground as the film. Notwithstanding, every scene recounts the tale of one diverse character and lets you jump further into their lives and individual personalities. There are likewise a few chuckles on the way.

Probably the best piece of Netflix’s Dear White People is the manner in which its characters deftly go up against bigotry and bias with their own encounters.

10++ Most Powerful Quotes from ” Dear White People Quotes “

Dear White People, Here’s A Little Tip: When You Ask Someone Who Looks Ethnically Different ‘What Are You?’ The Answer Is Usually A Person About To Slap The S*** Out Of You.

“Equal? You Could Only Vote If You Owned Land And Didn’t Have A Vagina.”

“Some Of You, With Your Liberal Purity Deciding Who’s Black Enough! Who Cares If You’re Woke Or Not If You’re Dead?”

“A Bullet Held Me Captive, Gun In My Face, Your Hate Misplaced, Light-Skin, White Skin But For Me, Not The Right Skin.”

“The Minute Black Kids Sit Together In A Cafeteria, White Folks Cry Self-Segregation. Nevermind That White People Have Always Sat Together And Always Will.”

“When You Mock Us, You Enforce An Existing System. Cops Everywhere Staring Down A Barrel Of A Gun At A Black Man Don’t See A Human Being.”

“Dear White People, Our Skin Color Is Not A Weapon. You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of It.”

“If You Were A Cat Owner And Only All Cats Were Dying In America, If Someone Said To You ‘All Lives Matter’, You’d Be Upset Too.”

“You Get Away With Murder Because You Look More Like Them Than I Do. That’s Your Light-Skinned Privilege.”

“All Men Are Created Equal (…) Unless You’re Loud And Black And Possess An Opinion, Then All You Get Is A Bullet.”