Out of 2000+ Lawyers serving in Los Angeles [LA] we short listed 10 divorce lawyers for you today. Well don’t take me wrong people Lawyers are important in any Legal Factor.

You need a Lawyer people to get your legal matters done. It can be anything from Immigration, divorce, Loans, Insurance, Justice, Get a business licensed, well you need them in any case.

So here is the list of Top 10 Divorce Lawyers Serving in Los Angeles [LA] California.

1- ADLI Law Group

ADLI Law Group is a full-service law firm that has been providing the community of Los Angeles with litigation
and mediation services since 2010.

2- Berenji & Associates

Berenji & Associates is a family law firm working with the people of Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. Founding attorney Hossein Berenji has been practicing law since 2001, and he has experience with divorce cases involving same-sex couples, high net worth individuals, and contention.

3- Castellanos & Associates

Founded in 1996, Castellanos & Associates in Los Angeles assists clients with uncontested and contested divorces, child support and custody, visitation, spousal support/alimony, postjudgment enforcements and modifications, and property division.

4- Charles M. Green APLC

Charles M. Green APLC is a civil practice law firm taking clients in and around Los Angeles. Founding attorney Charles Green has been practicing law for over 20 years, and he guides clients throughout the process of marital dissolution.

5- Furman & Zavatsky

Furman & Zavatsky has provided legal guidance in Los Angeles family law matters for more than 14 years. Its attorneys represent the best interests of their clients in the divorce process. They utilize mediation, arbitration, and litigation to reach an equitable resolution to property division and parental concerns.

6- Joel S. Seidel & Associates

Joel S. Seidel & Associates helps with the divorce process, including with child custody and support, property division, spousal support, and order enforcements and modifications. The firm, with offices in Los Angeles and Northridge, provides solutions to problems involving high-asset and uncontested divorces, and it assists with domestic partnerships and annulments.

7- Land Legal Group

Founded in 2016, Land Legal Group counsels the residents of Los Angeles. Its attorneys work in the best interests of their clients in matters involving the dissolution of marriage. They address the division of property, payment of debts, child custody, visitation, and support.

8- Law Offices of Warren R. Shiell

Law Offices of Warren R. Shiell has provided divorce and family law services to Los Angeles and California clients for over 16 years. The firm handles the filing process, as well as negotiating the equitable division of assets and debt of high net worth clients.

9- The Law & Mediation Offices of Elizabeth Yang

The Law & Mediation Offices of Elizabeth Yang serves the family needs of people in the greater Los Angeles area. The firm’s divorce services include making requests for alimony, enforcing orders of protection, advocating for clients in custody hearings, and managing the division of the marital estate.

10- The Law Office of Stephen Chen

The Law Office of Stephen Chen PC in Los Angeles handles all aspects of the divorce process for both simple and complex divorce litigation matters. The practice helps its clients with property division, custody arrangements, child support, spousal support, and post-divorce support and custody modification.

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