Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are grinding away again with Dracula, a cutting edge adjustment of the exemplary novel that draws some motivation from their past work on the enormously mainstream Sherlock. Fortunately, Dracula shares more for all intents and purpose with Sherlock’s previous seasons than the awkward later ones, conveying a magnificently horrifying interpretation of the great story. Danish on-screen character Claes Bang conveys a lifelong characterizing execution as the eponymous vampire, who revels in competing with an unpredictable religious woman (Dolly Wells) who is resolved to gain proficiency with his insider facts and end his hundreds of years-long path of fear. The three-section smaller than normal arrangement will have you enchanted from its initial minutes and keep you speculating all through.


“No complete design was ever committed to paper. It is said many souls are lost in the tangle of the corridors. The prison without locks.”

“Blood is lives.”

“A dog can sniff stories on the slightest breeze, while we are blind in the wind.”

“Perhaps stories flow in our veins if you know how to read them. “

“Dreams are a haven where we sin without consequence.”

“a corruption passing through this world from one sufferer to the next. For those unfortunates who fall victim to it, life becomes incurable. They lose the divine ability to die. As their bodies rot, their consciousness persists. Even as dust, their pain goes on. “

“Faith is a sleeping draught for children and simpletons.”

“Why does death always come as such a shock to mortals?”

“Dracula is the beginning and the end. Dracula is all things. Dracula is God”

“When you stand in the deepest pit, alone, without hope or help, and yet still know right from wrong. When there is only darkness and despair, and yet you feel humming in your blood, the difference between good and bad. When you are beyond rescue, or reward, or judgment, and you still look evil in the face and say, “No. This far, but no further.”

“I’m Count Dracula ..of Valaria”

“A sick room’s not a place for weak stomachs.”

“You can’t control yourself in the presence of blood. It’s not just sustenance it’s an addiction.”