Fake Ray bans vs. Authentic Ray Bans.
How can you tell if Ray Bans are fake?


It’s always good to differentiate between something original and something fake. In 21st century where people, increasingly, are concerned with originality, at least, when it comes to their style, you don’t want to buy something that is fake or a copy. Here are the step by step instructions on how to know Ray Bans you are buying are original and not a “First Copy“.

1- Ownership status

In 1999, Ray Ban was bought by the Italian company Luxottica. All the new Ray Bans in the market have their name printed alongside the Ray Bans logo.

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If you look closely the logo has “Sunglasses by Luxottica” printed in the logo.


2- Tap the Glass

Knock on the glasses with your index finger lightly, and listen to the sound, if it’s an original, it will sound like a
high quality glass” and not plastic or fiber.

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3- Engravings

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The circled area in red is called the “Bridge“. In an authentic Ray ban glasses, you will find the name of the “Brand”
and the size of the “Lens” engraved underneath it.

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Find engravings on the left arm of your Ray Ban glasses, It will include information relevant to the model number,
model description and size of the lens.

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You should make sure to match the information engraved on the bridge with information on the left arm,
to ensure your glasses are not fake.

4- Logo and Insignia

In an authentic Ray Ban, you will find the original logo and insignia in three different places,

A: On the right lens of your eye wear,

Try scratching it with your nails, if it comes off, your glasses are “fake”

 B: In the nose pads there will be “R-B” engraved in metal,

 C: On the right lens, where the arm meets the glass,

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Next time keep in mind these signs on how to spot fake R-B Sunglasses.


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