A charismatic person will automatically guide other people while making them feel calm and secure. So are you ready to know
“How to be more charismatic” well we will discuss 5 tips to rock in 2020. Contrary to popular belief people are not born with charisma,
it is a skill, just like driving a car or playing golf, which, with guidance, practice and patience anyone can master.

So if you are socially awkward and a certified introvert but have a desire to become more appealing to the masses, I have 5 tips that can instantly boost your confidence, self-esteem and social skills,

Here are 5 tips to rock in 2020 | Be more charismatic

Connecting Language | How to be more charismatic

Have you ever wondered why, during casual conversation, people around you feel bored or itchy to change the topic? Well, it is because you lack verbal charisma and it can leave people confused and uncomfortable.

The trick to “verbal charisma” is to find common ground with your listener. For instance, if someone asks you about your job and how it is going? Don’t jump into technicalities that might simply seem impossible for the average Joe to understand or comprehend. Instead, find a way for  your audience to personally relate to what you do! Comparisons are the most effective way you can achieve that, use metaphors or similes to get your message across.

Example: If you are an accountant and your partner a chemist, a simple way to explain them how audits work would be… “And audit is like a litmus test for an organization”


Promote Engagement

One distinctive quality of great public speakers, like Billy Graham or Oprah Winfrey, is that they engage their audiences on a personal level. They make you feel like you are part of the program. They don’t go on an endless rant, telling you what to do or how to do it. Instead, intermittently, they pause and ask you how you feel about what they’re saying. Effectively promoting a “buy-in” from their audiences. So whenever you are doing a presentation or giving out a speech, deliberately pause in between and ask your audiences about their opinions and thoughts. It will make them feel like “they’re part of the program”.


Express Your Creativity 

Think about all the singers, politicians, and movie actors you follow on social media and admire on a personal note. Now ask yourself why do you admire them? The answer is simple, because they are creative and we, as humans, are automatically attracted to people who are ingenious and creative. But remember, only people who are confident as well as creative, earn the envy of others and even though your goal might not be to make people jealous, they will perceive you as more charismatic because you are unafraid to express yourself.


Revealing Integrity

Trust is a huge part of charisma, before people will listen to a word that you say, they have to believe that you’re telling them the truth. They need to know that you have their best interest in mind. So, where does trust comes from? Well, it comes from a lot of things, from the way someone dresses, or the amount of eye-contact one makes, or the way they treat people around them. The human brain has developed short-cut methods to find someone trustworthy through less subtle signs. In such a case, you have to show your audience the strength of your character by telling them that you genuinely empathize with their struggles or you might tell a story that demonstrates the kind of person you truly are.


Lofty Goals 

Throughout history, people like, Martin Luther King Jr, and Mahathma Gandhi, have earned respect by setting for themselves lofty goals and for their followers. When they started their movements, they weren’t satisfied with changing a few minds, they were concerned about changing the world for the better and they genuinely believed they could make it happen! Their followers knew that their leaders can achieve any goals that they set, no matter how impossible it seems. This type of confidence in yourself, makes people appreciate and consider you on a personal level. Your conviction will motivate others to follow in your footsteps or chase their own definition of success. But you have to be a leader yourself in order to do this, by strongly believing in yourself and the people around you, you’ll win their support and their respect.


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