You probably have heard these terms (Narcissist | Psychopath or Sociopath) been used interchangeably to describe certain politicians, media personalities, or someone in your social circle. However, there are stark differences between them.

so, How to differentiate between a Narcissist | Psychopath or Sociopath

Today I will categorize them accordingly to help you identify the person you are dealing with or even going out on a date.


A narcissist is somebody who lacks empathy, is grandiose, is entitled, is continuously seeking validation, is arrogant. It is a disorder of self-esteem, and they have a problem regulating their self-esteem. However, they’re not wrong to the core; when a narcissist does a bad thing, they feel a fair amount of guilt and shame. They feel more pity than sin because they are very conscious about what other people think about them. As shame is a public emotion, they don’t appreciate being perceived negatively by the general public. So if, for example, your partner is a narcissist, they will feel a fair amount of shame if they cheat on you. That’s a good thing. Of course, it isn’t!


Rule of thumb, all psychopaths are narcissists, but not all narcissists are psychopaths. Psychopaths are all things narcissist except no guilt, no shame; they feel no remorse when they do something terrible. That is why they’re good at “serial killers,” “hired assassins,” and people who can literally go all in and gut a business inside out!. So if a psychopath tells you they don’t care about anything/anyone, don’t dispute that! Research on psychopathic, also called antisocial personality disorder, describes psychopaths as individuals with a slightly different autonomic nervous system.

An autonomic nervous system holds our sympathetic nervous system, which is also our flight and fights the nervous system. So if an ordinary person hits someone with a car, or gets into a fight with someone. Their pupils will start dilating, and their heart starts racing, but for a psychopath, it is as healthy as drinking water! That is the reason why they can lie on a lie detector test!


Another rule of thumb, psychopaths are born, whereas sociopaths were making. For example, a kid grows up in a terrible neighborhood and learns criminality, or learns a quick way to do business from his father. They learn these traits through their environment. So a psychopath by nature, innately, doesn’t skip a beat when they do something terrible. Still, a sociopath, through constant exposure to criminality, learns to keep their heart rate and their emotions under control. A sociopath is like the good kid you remember from fifth grade, which turned into a hardcore bully after reaching high school. Besides, sociopaths are incapable of loving someone, precisely in the same way a psychopath is. For them, everyone has a specific role to play in their lives, everyone comes with a shelf life, and once that expires, your value to them starts falling faster than an asteroid!

Here you have it How to differentiate between a Narcissist | Psychopath or Sociopath | Don’t Forget to Read our Latest Blog post “Read More.”