Money Heist Season 5 Netflix’s (Promo and Season) Release Dates

Money Heist Season 5 | The latest edition of Netflix’s Money Heist (La casa de Papel ) adds to the chaos and includes more action than every one of the three past seasons.

Fans may have anticipated that the season four finale should follow a similar configuration as season two, flawlessly wrapping up the heist after only two seasons. Nothing appears to have gone to design this time around, and the group have compelled to get themselves more time.

That implies season four finishes on a cliffhanger, welcoming a potential Money Heist season 5.

When will Netflix’s La casa de Papel (Promo and Season) go live ?

As of today, Money Heist season five hasn’t been given the green light, however, as one of the most well known Netflix arrangement on the planet – it was positioned #2 in the UK on April 6 – it’s improbable that the streamer would reassess at this time.

Addressing ABC Spain, maker Álex Pina intimated that conversations are occurring, albeit no subtleties have been formally discharged: “Somebody knows there will be [a fifth season], yet we don’t.”

If you remember, it took nine months after the conclusion of season 3 for Netflix to release season 4 of La casa de Papel. If season five were to follow a similar example, we might be back at the bank before 2020 concludes.

As a precautionary measure against the coronavirus pandemic, on March 15 2020, Netflix ceased production on all of its original series projects. We all have to bear in mind the current political and economic situation of the world right now. The quarantines and self-isolation measures implemented all around the globe due to the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak implies that it will be exceptionally impossible that we will get another Money Heist debut in 2020.

When will the trailer for La casa de Papel Season 5 go live? 

With the production team of Money Heist benched due to precautionary measures against the spread of the coronavirus, it is undoubtedly a safe bet to expect a delay in the release of any trailer related footage of Money Heist Season 5. But the good news is Netflix will have plans for a marketing teaser promo, to keep the audience engaged in the conversation.

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