Okay, I love purses and handbags. Do I love them more than the average female? Perhaps. I prefer to think that I love them just the right amount. Ever since I can recall, purses and handbags were my fashion obsession and my biggest splurge. I am crazy about anything Coach, finally got my first Louis Vuitton (though it is a bit small for all the stuff I like to tote around, it is among my favorite evening handbags), and I dream one day of owning an authentic Channel.

The butter-soft leather with the chain-linked straps and the bold “C” embedded on the front… I have a daydream often. The problem that I face is that as quickly as I fall in love with these pieces, I become ambivalent rather too rapidly. I think you could say that I am fickle with my purses and handbags. I still care for them deeply, treat them gently, and store them with love however often lose the glow that accompanies a new acquisition- perhaps from an outlet of my favorite discounted purses and handbags found in a thrift-shopping expedition. While they are still beautiful with many years of wear and use ahead, I cast them aside when something new catches my eye.

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I am a person that does not mind parting with things. That is, I would love to know that others would find joy in the things that I part to acquiesce something new or something different. Are there others out there like me? Do any of you find that you still crave the hunt for beautiful purses and handbags but have some that you would be willing to pass along? What about an online barter/trade/swap for those of us that engage in these behaviors?

Not so much an auction where you sell for cash, but where you each walk away with a fabulous bag- perhaps I trade you one of my lovely Coach evening handbags, and I get to walk away with a great Vera Bradley tote and cosmetic case. Not all fabulous purses and handbags have to be Louis’ and Channel’s; I love some of my Vera’s, my 9-West’s, and my older, used D&B’s (from a local Goodwill thrift store) most of all!

What are others’ thoughts about some forum like that? Or, maybe you know of some similar venue currently- please tell me about it! I love a good deal as much as anyone, but I would like a marketplace where we could all “trade” with those who will appreciate and care for it, and in turn, adopt some new treasure ourselves. I will likely dream of evening handbags and be jeweled clutches tonight!

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