Top 15 Most Iconic Quotes | Money Heist Quotes | Money Heist or La Casa de Papel is a Spanish television crime drama series produced by Netflix and created by Alex Pina. It is a story about a criminal mastermind who goes by the name of “The Professor” and has a plan to pull off the biggest bank robbery in Spanish history.

The series is critically acclaimed scoring a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.5/10 on IMDB. It has 3 seasons already released with a fourth season coming April 3, 2020.

The show is contagious to the point that it becomes addictive. The story line is full of twists and often times leaves people with their jaws hanging but with an unquenchable thirst for more!

Given the fact that the fourth season is days away, here is a trip through memory lane with our 15 most Iconic Quotes Quotes from the iconic Spanish crime series Money Heist,

Most Iconic Quotes

1- “First times are so special. Unique. But the last times are beyond comparison. They are priceless. but people don’t normally know it’s their last time ”

Yes he s a psychopath, but he’s witty. And admit it, in the chaos you miss him.

2- “Love can’t be timed. It has to be lived.”

If you are a romantic, you’ll feel that.

3- “In this world, everything is governed by balance. There’s what you stand to gain and what you stand to lose. And when you think you’ve got nothing to lose, you become overconfident.”
-The Professor

Count on him whenever you feel the world caving in on you. he might have a plan to get you out.

la casa de papel

4- “When you hit rock bottom, you still have a way to go until the abyss.”

Life sucks, deal with it with motivation.

5- “In the end love is a good thing for everything to fall apart.”

Behind those stern looks hides a gentle soul.

money heist quotes

6- “After all, what’s more human than the fight for survival?.”

Reality check.

7- “Dear, in the end, love is what makes us see life in another color, and lately, you have only seen everything black.”
-Mariví Fuentes

Although her screen time was limited, her words are full of wisdom.

quotes Money Heist la casa de papel

8- “At some time we all become hostages to something and when you accept that, that’s when you make up your mind.”
-Arturo Román

Yes, he is horrible and we all hate him but let’s give him a pass.

9- “When someone is in love, they look through rose tinted glasses. Everything’s wonderful. they transform into a soft teddy bear that’s smiling all the time ”
-The Professor

The Professor sure knows a thing or two about love and it’s side-effects.

10- “Let the matriarchy begin.”

Girl power at full display.

11- “Hope is like dominos. Once one falls, the rest follow.”

She might be motivated by emotions but she’s got brains people.

la casa de papel berlin

12- “What you have to do is make those suckers see what you’re capable of. Show them you’re not scared.”

Nairobi’s way of saying you are phenomenal.

13- “Happiness is like lightning, blink and you miss it. After that came the fall. When you reach heaven, the fall is devastating”

Always remember that happy time last for a brief period and you must enjoy it fully.

14- “We are all going to die. And I drink to that because we are still alive. Here’s to life.”

Death is imminent. You can’t escape it. So enjoy life.

15- “Ethics is important, Nairobi, but aesthetics as well.”

You know the world is ending when a Spaniard acts like an Englishman. For more details on Bella Ciao visit here

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