Dogs: Always remember if you own a dog, and have no cash, consider yourself wealthy. We have compiled a list of the ultimate military and police dogs breed that you might not know about.

Dogs of any kind, are best known to be loyal, committed, hardworking and smart creatures. Their bonds with humans is so strong that many have been known put themselves at risk for the sake of their owner’s safety. Dogs also have impeccable senses, which might easily be matched by other animals or any technology.

Taking into consideration these k9 facts, it’s no wonder they are not only man’s best friends but are also frequently called upon to serve alongside firefighters, the military and the law enforcement.

Here are Top 10 Ultimate Military and Police Dogs Breed

1- Belgian Malinios

Belgian Malinios dogs breed

The Belgian Malinois is a distant cousin of the German Shepherd. Believe it or not, they are even more athletic than the German Shepherd due to their smaller physique. However, they share many of the same physical and personality traits as their giant cousins the German Shepherds. So it is no surprise that the Belgian Malinois has become a popular K9 breed as well. In addition to the K9 units, this breed has become increasingly popular with the military. They are frequently employed by the army for operations of all sizes. For example, they played a crucial role in one the highest stake US military operation in Syria on 26th October 2019, racing through an underground tunnel and chasing one the most wanted man on earth, the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi. Another Belgian Malinois named Cairo was used by the US military Seal Team Six during the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. President Obama, on the completion of the mission, demanded, “I want to be that dog”.

2- German Shepherd

German Shepherd dogs

On the list of the most intelligent dog breeds of all time, German shepherds are ranked third. Their athletic body, enormous stature, muscular frame and nimble speed, making them the gold standard for police dogs. Not only do they have remarkable physical gifts to be great police dogs, but they are also highly trainable and immensely loyal, plus they can be extremely aggressive when needed. These herding dogs are generally used in the police force’s K9 units. Their job consists of several duties, German Shepherds excel in search and rescue operations, detecting drugs and explosives, crime scene investigations or even chasing down people during high-risk criminal chases.

3- Bloodhound

Bloodhound dogs

The Bloodhound is not a dog breed you can easily imagine running against the likes of German Shephard and Belgian Malinois. Bloodhounds are employed by the police to track drugs and people. Their ability to track a specific scent and following it over a long distance have cemented their reputation as a reliable police dog. Bloodhounds, arguably, have the best noses in the Dogdom. Their sense of smell is a thousand times better than humans. This dog breed was the first to be commissioned by a police unit for its service. They’ve been working with the police since 1889 when they were used to track down “Jack The Ripper” in London.

4- Rottweiler

Rottweiler dogs

Rottweilers are one of the most agile and versatile dogs when it comes to serving their owners. They have a reputation for being the ideal guard dog. A Rottweiler will remain calm and loving towards familiar faces, but be wary and cautious around strangers. Because of their high confidence level and reliability, Rottweilers are frequently employed as guard dogs, military dogs and to perform search and rescue operations. With the US military, Rotweiller’s have a history of being the premier messenger dogs. For both World War I and World War II, these dogs were frequently employed to deliver urgent messages from base to base.

5- Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher dogs

Muscular body, sleek frame, cropped ears and a docked tail, are all physical indicators of a Doberman. They are known to be tenaciously loyal and obedient to their owners, a trait which has earned it the nickname “one-man dog” and makes it an ideal guard dog breed. In addition to that, they are also one of the most intelligent dog breeds, coming in at number 5 among the most intelligent dog breeds. With both the brain and the brawn, it’s a no brainer why these dogs were, once, used heavily by law enforcement officials all over the world. Although Doberman was once a popular K9 breed, they are becoming less prevalent in K9 police units, the reason is that they are much more costly to acquire than other police dog breeds similar in strength and intelligence.

6- Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier dogs

With their police friendly temperament, Airedale Terriers have served as police dogs in the British police force. On account of their high intelligence, extraordinary nose and intense, wiry coats, they were acceptable K9 applicants, in addition to that, they are anything but difficult to keep up. These pooches were explicitly prepared to assault those not in a police uniform. It eventually became a problem when police officers were off duty and in civilian attire. In addition to that, Airedale Terriers were fantastic war dogs for Great Britain during World War I. They were employed to perform scouting and carrying military equipment.

7- Boxer

Boxer dogs

Boxers are one of the most versatile dog breeds that Germany has ever seen. They served in both World War I and World War II, used as effective patrol guards, guard dogs and messengers for the military. Boxers, initially, were bred to be an all-purpose farm dog. One other speciality they possess was in transporting communication wires between platoons on the battlefields, these spools of wires were connected to their collars, and they quickly manoeuvred to other stations during the war. Boxers were serious heroes during the war days. Today they are adopted by families all around the globe, however, for certain police operations, the German Police still employs them.

8- Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer dogs

Giant Schnauzers are unique military and police working dogs, for instance, they are the only dog breed to have worked with the Air Force. These giant dogs were used by the air force in World War II. They have a unique skill set in activities like odour detection, enclosure searching and competitive obedience.

9- German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer dogs

Friendly by nature but extremely hardworking, the German Shorthaired Pointer is an ideal dog breed for law enforcement duties. Today law enforcement departments employ this dog breed all over the world. They specialize in tracking illegal substances and are widely used in air transportation security or the TSA. They can also be found working with detectives, hunting evidence and crime scenes.

10- Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever dogs

If there was an all-purpose dog breed, the Labrador Retriever or commonly known only as “the Lab”, would be it. Labs are the most popular dog breed because of their friendly and passive personality. They are ideal for law enforcement duties because they are highly obedient dogs. As a result, they are mainly employed for tracking. Labradors are commonly used for helping the blind, tracking bombs and participating in search and rescue operations. As per numerous US police departments Labs are generally used to detect explosives or narcotics by sniffing it out.

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