WhatsApp’s Dark Mode for iPhone is finally becoming a reality. 6 cool features!

iOS users get ready! WhatsApp‘s Dark Mode is becoming a reality. The long awaited feature is being rolled out on TestFlight. Skimming the mechanics from the latest build, WABetaInfo has shed some light on what iOS users can expect. Here are 6 features to look out for,

1- Dark chat bubbles and dynamic wallpapers

The chat threads in WhatsApp will show dark chat bubbles and a dark version of your chosen wallpaper. And the fun part is, this feature is dynamic. So, for example, if you change the theme, the wallpaper will automatically change as well. Furthermore, Whatsapp has also worked on an array of Dark Mode friendly colors.

2- Dark Splash Screen


There will be a redesigned dark splash screen with the WhatsApp logo, allowing for a dark chat list screen. Similarly, all other screen are darkened.

3- Only Compatible with iPhone 6s or later versions

As is the case, WhatsApp employs Apple’s APIs, therefore the Dark Theme won’t be available to users that have iOS versions older than iOS 13. In simple terms, you must have an iPhone 6s or later version to enjoy the new theme.

4- Light dark colors for high contrast settings

The latest WhatsApp beta build supports an additional Dark Theme that employs lighter dark colors for some UI features, in case the user has the high contrast setting enabled.

5- Synchronization with iOS

The latest Dark Mode is better comparatively than the previous version WhatsApp was working on. Just like Instagram, it adheres to Apple’s guidelines and syncs with the built in Dark Mode settings, turning on and off if the iOS user has set it to Automatic.

6- Advanced search function

The beta also includes an advanced search function. The search bar will have a categorical breakdown with options for sifting through GIFs, audio, video, photos etc.

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