Have you at all wanted to find out which WordPress theme a business website is using?

Confused about which theme a website is using, is it WordPress or is it a custom-made Website. Why does it even matter to know what theme a website is using?

If you are curious to know, Today’s blog post will help you understand what tool used to find WordPress theme.

“Selecting the right theme for your Website is essential.”

Many ideas circulate in our mind when starting a website project. To many of us, our source of Inspiration is Google. All the ideas we have short-listed we want something similar. Many of us don’t know how to see which WordPress Theme used.
Nothing is impossible as there are many Theme Fetching tools available to find out which WordPress theme a website is using.

One way to detect WordPress theme used by a Business website is with IsItWP; it allows looking up plugins and themes used by a WordPress website.

Step 1: Visit www.isitwp.com and enter the URL of a website you want to inspect WordPress Theme.

Wordpress Theme

IsItWP will inspect if Website is using a WP Theme. If powered by WP, it will further examine which theme a website is using.

wordpress check

IsItWP has enough power to detect which plugins this Website is using. IsItWP might not tell you details of a Custom website or a child theme. The information by IsItWP can help you with the search for the theme you want.

We hope the following information was helpful. So no more panicking on what others are using in their website, cause you know what they know, Just a click away.

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